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1W 4V Solar Panel, Charging Box 1.2V Charging

1W 4V Solar Panel, Charging Box 1.2V Charging

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Product information:

Product Name: Solar Charger (2-AA/AAA)
Working voltage: ≥4V
Open circuit voltage: ≥4.68V
Working current: ≥250mA
Short circuit current: ≥260mA
Solar panel power: 1W
Remarks: The above is the standard test environment solar output power
LED indicates solar work
Built-in IC and IN5819 to prevent battery reverse current under non-light conditions
Note: Charging requires 2 identical batteries at the same time.
Parameter test environment: AM1.5 spectral conditions, 100 mW/cm2 light source intensity irradiation
Solar charging box description
This product is a solar charger, designed for charging AA/AAA rechargeable batteries. Please use non-rechargeable batteries!
Put the AA/AAA battery into the battery box according to the positive and negative poles of the battery, face the solar panel to the sun, and the red indicator light starts to light up, indicating that it is charging.

Size information:
Size: 115*68*26mm

Packing list :

Solar panel *1( This product does not contain rechargeable batteries)

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