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Solar Panel Kit Controller Portable Car

Solar Panel Kit Controller Portable Car

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Product information:

Weight: 290g
Size: 435*200*2.5mm
Maximum power (pmax): 10W
Open circuit voltage (voc): 20V
Maximum power voltage (vmpp): 18v
Short circuit current (isc): 0.6A
Maximum power current (impp): 0.4A
Output: DC18V USB 5V
Model: solar panel, solar panel+10A controller, solar panel+20A controller, solar panel+30A controller, solar panel+40A controller, solar panel+50A controller, solar panel+60A controller, solar panel+ 100A Controller

Packing list:

Solar panel*1 Car charger*1 Battery clip*1 Carabiner*2 Suction cup*4 User manual*1

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