Solar energy solutions

Our goal is energy conversion for our customers _ from solar energy to electricity, from solar to heating or from solar to hot air.

   - Use of alternative heat sources as solar panels and heat pumps with high efficiency and optimum utilization of solar energy.

It is therefore energy sustainable buildings are equipped with a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery, searching for a constantly recommended air exchange - and thus a good indoor climate.

 The supply of electricity from a solar cell gives the right to collect an equivalent amount of electricity at a different time within the same year without paying for it.

This corresponds to the consumer saves electricity price incl. duties, tariffs and taxes for the amount of electricity the solar cells produce. 

A photovoltaic module consists of a collection of glass-like plates that are made of silicon layers, respectively. positive and negative charge. These plates are called solar cells or photovoltaic cells (photo = light and voltaic = electricity). When sunlight captured by solar modules, produced direct current, whose strength depends on the size of the PV module and sunlight intensity.

The solar plant
Composed of a number of photovoltaic modules connected in series and parallel to the desired power and voltage is reached, there are no real restrictions on the size of the plant and can be dimensioned for a capacity of up to many millions watts.

Flow is directed through the junction box to the inverter that converts DC power from the solar cells to 230 Volt AC power. The alternating current is then passed out for their own consumption or to the existence of Funds

Electric meter

The power that is not consumed directly detected by the power meter and stored in the network and can be used when there is a need for it.