Solar Energy

Use of alternative heat sources as solar panels and heat pumps with high efficiency and optimum utilization of solar energy.

It is therefore energy sustainable buildings are equipped with a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery, searching for a constantly recommended air exchange - and thus a good indoor climate.

The supply of electricity from a solar cell gives the right to collect an equivalent amount of electricity at a different time within the same year without paying for it.


Solar Panel, Charging Box

Product Name: Solar Charger (2-AA/AAA)
Working voltage: ≥4V
Open circuit voltage: ≥4.68V
Working current: ≥250mA
Short circuit current: ≥260mA
Solar panel power: 1W

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Portable Solar Panel Cell Phone Charge

Standard: solar cell, Polycrystalline, PET lamination

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10W Solar Panel For Fan Mini Fan Greenhouse Home

Working current: 1.66A
Power: 10W
Color: picture color
Voltage (VOC): 6V
Material: PET
Clean energy, long service life, energy saving
Maintain a comfortable temperature level on the go


Outdoor solar panels that efficiently convert sunlight into electricity.
Clean energy, long service life and energy saving.
Keeping the air clean can help you eliminate pet odors.
Maintain a comfortable temperature level on the go.
Suitable for greenhouses, pet houses, tree houses and RVs etc.


Overall Fan Dimensions: (L) X (W) 12x12x3.5cm / 4.72"x4.72"x1.38" (approx.)
Solar Panel Dimensions: (L) X (W) X (H) 23x20x0.25cm / 9.06"x7.87"x0.10" (approximately)